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Jason DiMichele

Fine Art Photographer and Printer, US

Jason DiMichele is a fine art photographer from Milton, Ontario, Canada who specializes in nature and abstract photography. His creative vision is fueled by his love of the outdoors and explorative nature. Jason’s photographic passions include landscapes, abandoned places, wildlife and abstracts.

“I immerse myself in all aspects of my art and am involved in every facet of its creation from initial capture to printing and framing. My camera sees scientifically and I see artistically. Therefore, one of my artistic goals is to bring emotion to those who view my art and make them feel as though they are reliving the moment as I experienced it. I also try to invoke the viewer’s imagination allowing them to connect to my art with a sense of intrigue. My art evokes feelings of serenity, tranquility and intimacy with the subject. Capturing the world's beauty is my true passion; nature makes me whole!”

Jason is a proponent of learning the technical skills required to be proficient with your equipment and to aid in the creation of your art. However, he insists that keeping one’s creative vision at the forefront is ultimately most important. “There is always room for our vision as artists to grow and evolve. The camera sees scientifically and therefore we need to see artistically”. Capturing the viewer’s emotion and imagination allows them to resonate with his art with a sense of intrigue. His art evokes feelings of serenity, tranquility and intimacy with the subject.