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Colijn van Noort

Photographer. NL

At the age of 6, Colijn owned his first camera, the infamous “Agfa Clack”. It was a start for a lifelong fascination for images and that camera still decorates his photo studio near Utrecht, in the Netherlands. After earning his master degree in informatics and art history at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Colijn had a career in software development and was founded of his own game company, creating board games combined with multimedia content, sold worldwide. At a given point however, he decided to follow his heart and to return to his old love, photography, giving his dream a chance. Following professional training and various courses and workshops worldwide, he works as a fulltime professional photographer since.

In this digital age, Colijn was astonished how little attention was paid to the actual finished product (the photo print) by his colleagues. Searching for distinctive quality he was disappointed by what the market had to offer and decided to develop an interest in (fine-art) print himself. Now Colijn exploits, apart from his photography work, a modest fine-art print service, exclusive for professional colleagues interested in distinctive, museum-quality fine-art prints and finishing. Amongst his customers are several musea, art galleries and -collectors and he is part of the exclusive Epson Digigraphy programma, both as lab as for his own free work. In his studio, he has over 150 different kinds of photo papers in stock, including self-made products, transfer techniques and mixed media solutions for artists.

Colijn tries to promote more interest for the finished product amongst his photography colleagues. Your photo on the wall is your signature, a primary source for new leads, so it should be outstanding. Besides that, it can provide an important additional source of income for a professional studio. He gives workshops and master classes on color management, workflow and fineart print (prepress) for professional photographers in The Netherlands.