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Francesco Marzoli

Digital Artist and Retoucher, Italy

Francesco Marzoli is a master of the artistry of retouching for commercial advertising projects. His work was recently featured in Vogue Magazine.

He has been using editing software since the age of 14. Francesco had been a winner in the Adobe YouGC Contest, He is also a beta tester for X-Rite and works as a consultant, and  organizes workshops and seminars on Photoshop.

He is in the board of National Association of Professionals  Photographers,  co-founder of the CCC – Color Correction Campus. He is also a teacher at UED European University of Design in Pescara.

Francesco is a youtuber, He have one of the biggest italian channel for Photoshop tutorial with over 1,2 million views.

Francesco’s favorite quote is, "Choose a job you love and you do not work a single day of your life."