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Parish Kohanim

Color has been a very important part of my life since my childhood. It’s embedded in my DNA. My parents exposed us to a lot of beautiful brightly colored flowers and that manifests in my photography. Color is intuitive to me; it’s a natural phenomenon. I love primary colors, bright colors. There’s something about vivid colors that move me. And of course the complimentary colors, the more pastel colors I love as well.

With digital technology color becomes even more important. The monitor must be calibrated and profiled. The printer profile has to be right. These components have to be communicating with each other in order for me to translate the colors that I see in my mind to the print. All the tools the X-Rite provides are essential to my process.

When I think about color on a spiritual level I think about the fact that a green field against a blue sky gives us a deep feeling of peace. Color is a subconscious force in our lives that offers us different moods, different ways to view the world. When I go to the mountains and see the beauty there or go to a flower garden and see the colors and the patterns, I am aware that I’m in a different universe. My appreciation for color becomes amplified when I see the way the Supreme Being uses colors and designs.

People ask me, “Where do you get your inspiration?” My response… What else but nature? We can’t create anything that has the magnificent colors and designs that nature has created for us. We can’t possibly do anything better than that.