X-Rite photo


Don Komarechka

Color has always played an important role in my photography. Early on, I discovered the difference between what the camera could capture and what I would see on monitors and in print. My best attention to detail was wasted when I wasn’t happy with the printed results, and I needed to understand why.

Understanding color has been a learning process, and a continuous journey. The more I understand about color, the more I understand how I see the world. This insight is the cornerstone for much of my professional work, and learning about how light behaves opens up a wonderful world of photographic possibilities.

Subtle differences in color can make a huge difference in what we perceive. When I began printing my images, I noticed some odd curiosities – slight tints of green in sunsets, shadows that feel to black far too quickly, and specific red tones that were disappointing. These slight changes had dramatic impacts on images, and never for the better. x-rite products have been a part of my workflow since the beginning to achieve the consistency in artistic vision I was looking for.

A perfect example is my first mass-produced book. The first print run suffered from quality concerns, both with the paper and color. The press was calibrated by hand, and the best adjustments made by human vision quickly fall out of calibration. Some books were perfect, but others had severe color shifts that were distracting. The second print run of the book used entirely different press technology and also included x-rite calibration tools. The results were fantastic. Beautiful shadows, perfect colors and consistent across the entire run.

All of my displays and printers are calibrated with x-rite hardware, I believe everything I produce benefits from the accuracy in color.