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Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sandro Franchi

Educator, Consultant, Artwork Reproductions

Sandro Franchi is a tenured professional with a strong technology background. Photography, in general, was always a passion for him and ever since he was 14 years old, he was involved in the photography business where he was able throughout the years to train him and become a specialist in all related areas to color management.

He is also oriented to education, teaching color management to individuals and organizations, locally in Argentina and its neighbor countries, like Uruguay and Chile spreading the most updated best practices in color management and image processing oriented to rising niches in Latin America like artwork reproduction, color profiling, professional digital photography and many others.

Sandro has a huge background in the corporate Information Technology industry, asset that is constantly present in all of his deliverables and that generate that thrive that pushes him toward making an on-going improvement of all of his processes and products, concluding in cutting edge output. Nevertheless, he dedicates himself not only to the most professional aspects of this business, but also he provides training and guidance for new photographers and new people that want to make photography part of their lives. “I never recommend to my students or customers any product I don’t use for my personal and professional use (...)To be aware of the whole color management picture is a must for any serious aspiring photographer, as it has to be for any pro as well” says Sandro.
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