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Nurettin Sari

When I was studying photography at college, I realized that photos lost their colors when they were printed. This resulted in me looking for ways of reflecting the colors as they actually are to the photographs I took.

Color management is necessary to control color consistency and to make creative interventions from the point that the photo is taken to the point that it becomes usable. The quality of the work produced highly depends on how colors are managed.

Consider fashion photography. How is the color of a sweatshirt that is being photographed reflected on the monitor? In order to get the colors as they actually are, color management should be made. X-Rite solutions provide great support at this.

Color management tools are important to manage color consistency throughout the production chain. Making color interventions on the photo after seeing it on the calibrated monitor and reflecting my artistic approach to the work is only possible through color management tools.

When we make the calibrations based on the reference values that we obtain through creating the ICC profiles of our camera, monitor and printer, we save time and quite a lot of money. Moreover, the resulting photo becomes much more better.

Obtaining high quality images is through using the best color management products available in the market. X-Rite solutions are very essential to my workflow and they also help me save a lot of time. The more time you have the more productive and creative you are.