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Jose Pereira

Digital Photography, Consulting, ES

I began my studies in artistic photography, but I had a great interest in the ancient artworks, and finally I graduated at Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (ESCRBC of Galicia, Spain), with archaeological artifacts specialty. Years later I got a master's degree as Audiovisual Documentalist (University Carlos III, Madrid).

Although I have done photographic works for travel guides or magazines about ethnological or artworks issues. My main occupation is related to digital imaging and color management focused on the graphic documentation and digitization of cultural heritage. My contribution, it’s to provide consulting and photography services, but I also develop software and scripts to automate workflows, create 3D models with close-range photogrammetry or work with color grading for digital video. And the most important, help to create good records for the digital preservation our cultural heritage, with a right management of metadata and storage.

I have collaborated with the Spanish Film Library or RTVE Film Library and work in many projects of heritage preservation for the Spanish government. Also I teach about digital imaging and color management and I collaborate with scientific projects for the University.