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Robert Miller

Panoramic, Beauty, Commercial, Food Photographer

Before moving into fulltime Photography in 2004 Robert spent 17 years supplying Workflow and Production systems to the commercial printing industry and is no stranger to the world of critical colour and colour management. His move to photography stemmed from the need to express his creativity, which IT didn't allow and he transformed his love of panoramic photography into a full time career. In 2006 he moved and expanded his reach into Studio and Beauty photography and his technical background made it easy for him to master the fundamentals of lighting.


Today along with adding a host of genres, including food photography to his repertoire, he is busy working on a system of unique custom lighting equipment some of which he is already using in his own shoots. He has run a series of successful lighting workshops on his own and with the likes of Nikon South Africa. He retains strong links to the Commercial printing industry by virtue of his shareholding in Hamillroad Software, a company that he co-founded in 2000 which is currently at the leading edge of next generation halftone screening development.

He has won numerous Gold’s and Silver’s in the South African Fuji PhotoFilm Awards.

Other Industry Affiliations:  Elinchrom and Lexar South Africa Brand Ambassador