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Tom Bourdon

When did you first understand the importance of color to the photographic process?
I guess back in 2006 when I first started shooting digitally, this was when I really started to take photography seriously and realized it could be more than just a hobby. 

What is the most important aspect of color management that an aspiring photographer should know?
Aspiring photographers often get caught up in the whole gear lust thing, which is fine, it´s true that you can take better photos with more expensive gear. However there are some areas like colour management that are often overlooked. It´s all very well shooting a DSLR with 40 megapixels but what you do with those images after you have pressed the shutter is extremely important. 

Why are you committed to using X-Rite products?
X-Rite produce high quality products that work – it´s as simple as that. 

How important are the latest color management tools in today’s industry?  Why?
What with the oversaturation of the marketplace, things like accurate colour management can really make your images stand out, it´s things like that which can mean the difference of staying in business or not. 

What does the (near) future hold for the photo industry, in your opinion? Do you think color management will be more or less important – why?
As I mentioned above I think it is extremely important, as photographers we should use every tool available to create images of the highest possible quality. 

Do you see color management as an advantage for saving money?
I´m not sure I really see it as saving money device. Although it probably has saved me money now I think about it. It certainly has saved me time so I guess in that sense yes it has.