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Matthieu Paley

Commercial, Fashion, Nature, Celebrity - Photojournalist, FR, TR

Matthieu Paley is a French photographer based in Turkey.

Following a three-month expedition across Mongolia, Matthieu’s first job was an expedition for National Geographic Adventure magazine in Bhutan, which took him to the base camp of the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

Matthieu moved to Northern Pakistan in 1999. To this day, he remained in the area on and off for over four years, working and traveling extensively throughout the mountainous regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Northern India, Tajikistan and the rest of Asia.

Twelve years, four books and numerous assignments later, his passion to always look “over the next bridge” has provided him with countless opportunities to witness our common humanity. His images often explore themes of remoteness and isolation in harsh environment. He has been exhibited in galleries in Hong Kong, Paris and Istanbul and his multimedia presentation were projected at festival such as the Perpignan Photojournalism festival, the Banff Mountain Festival, Mountain Film in Colorado etc. More recently, he has lectured at the Royal Geographical Society and the the Asia Society.

Matthieu recently completed a story for National Geographic magazine on a small community cut-off from the rest of the world in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan. Matthieu’s work has also been published in numerous other magazines including Geo, Newsweek, Time, Outside, and Le Monde.

Matthieu lives with his German wife – they met on a boat in Indonesia – and 2 boys in Turkey. He speaks 6 languages, including Dari, Urdu and tongue-twisting Wakhi. 

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