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C.S. Ling

As the Creative Director and professional Nature & Wildlife Photographer of my business, Life List Chase, I need to ensure that the colors that I see on my computer screen in my photo-processing, video-editing and artwork designs are displayed in the best color accuracy, vibrancy and contrast. So that I can showcase my works to my viewers in its truest form across different displays, projectors and even prints. X-rite i1display pro allow me to do just that, quickly and efficiently, at anytime and anywhere.

For all my photography students, I teach about white balance and color balance, and how the slight difference in colors (too much red, or too much yellow, etc ) can affect the image. But most importantly, in order to be able to do such adjustments in photo-processing, your screen has to tell you the true colors of the image first! It’s my responsibility to highlight to my students, the importance of having a calibrated screen and advise on how they can achieve the best results with display calibration tool.

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