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C.S. Ling

Nature, wildlife and conservation Photographer, Singapore

C.S. Ling is a wildlife photographer based in Singapore who endeavors to raise awareness on environmental/wildlife issues in Asia through the power of photography. Her compelling images of vanishing landscape & endangered wildlife coupled with her dedication to educate the younger generation has earned her the title of "Great Women of Our Time 2011 (Arts & Media)" organized by Singapore Women's Weekly magazine and "Green Role Model" at the Green Carpet Awards 2011 organized by National Geographic Explorer & Nikon Singapore. Her works are published worldwide notably in National Geographic Explorer magazine and SilkWinds magazine.

C.S. Ling is endorsed as an X-Rite's Coloratti, Nikon Singapore Professional Photographer, SanDisk Extreme Team Member and Gitzo Ambassador (Singapore). In 2010, she travelled to Kalimantan, Borneo with Mr. Ethan Lim on a team initiative to document the triumphs and struggles of 600+ Orangutan orphans at BOSF Nyaru Menteng. They staged a large-scale exhibition in Singapore on Mother’s Day 2011, to shed light on the plight of the endangered ape who have lost their mothers due to destructive human activities.

In 2012, she emerged as the Grand Prize Winner of the Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards 2012.

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