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Keith Cooper

Commercial Photographer and Fine Art Printer, UK

Keith is a commercial photographer and fine art printer based in Leicester, in the UK - covering advertising, architecture, interiors and industrial photography. His photos are often used in annual reports around the world.
The crucial element of his commercial work is a firm belief that photos should not only look good but, more importantly must communicate the message the client wants.

His landscape work is linked to an understanding of its form and structure, gained as a geologist. He shares Barbara Hepworth's observation that “Landscape is strong - it has bones and flesh and skin and hair. it has age and history and a principle behind its evolution”

With a varied engineering and scientific research background, Keith works with several large companies testing and refining products and tools for improving aspects of photography, colour management and printing.

His Northlight Images web site is known for its in-depth reviews and articles. Many of which follow from Keith's strong belief that to get the best and most effective use out of new technologies, it really does help to have some understanding of what they do.

Keith also teaches, writes and lectures on photography, the business of photography, and colour management, to individuals and companies. One particular interest is bringing an appreciation of the latest print technology to high quality Black and White photography.

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