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Jürgen Müller

Portrait, Beauty, Commercial, Annual Reports, Landscape and Fineart Photographer, DE

Jürgen Müller lives in Hamburg.

Since 1983 he takes professional photos in Advertising, People, Landscapes and extensive Company Portraits.

Above all he reached his awareness thanks to his artistic work.

These images are formed of a puristic style with consistent graphic layout. Due to the abandonment of people and any anectodic reference the sceneries and landscapes seem to be subliminal surreal.

In his cool and simple staged images he inserts some kind of magic which stays in the perception of each observer for a long time.

He is seen in a lot of exhibitions, i.e. in the Hamburgischen Landesvertretung in Berlin, PPS-Galerie Hamburg, Kunsthaus Jesteburg etc.

For the election campaign "Bundestag 2009" he shot the billboard advertising and the of the chancellor candidate of SPD, Frank Walter Steinmeier.

Jürgen Müller is a tutor at the Babelsberg Filmschool.