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Martin Bailey

Martin doesn't like to spend a lot of time working on images in post processing. Thanks to X-Rite, there are now some incredibly powerful yet easy to use tools that help to ensure that we release quality images with accurate color or color enhanced from a standard reference point. We can now totally color calibration our workflow, from capture to a variety of output options.
Starting in camera, the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport enables us to capture images with accurate white balance in the field. Then, using the Passport's color targets photographed in the field, we can create camera profiles that make our work sing, using the supplied software in standalone mode, or right there in Adobe Lightroom.

When handing off digital images to clients, the X-Rite Color Management products give us the power to easily create color accurate images, so that our clients don't have to guess at our intent.

Creating quality fine art prints is another vitally important part of Martin's workflow, though it has until now been a time consuming process. Using an X-Rite color managed workflow though, we can now easily create professional profiles for our paper and printer combinations which enable us to create color accurate fine art prints, with little to no soft-proofing, greatly reducing the time needed to create jaw dropping fine art prints.

With the X-Rite's calibration tools, we now also calibrate projectors used in Martin's image presentations and Color Managed Digital Workflow workshops and seminars, so we present accurate color through every possible way to output Martin's dreamy, ethereal images.
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