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Malcolm Mackenzie

When did you first understand the important of color to the photographic process?
As a student in the 1980’s with the argument still being that Black & White was the only serious type of photography!

What is the most important aspect of color management that an aspiring photographer should know?
A few reasonable steps can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

Give an example of the ways in which a solid knowledge of color management (or an accurate color environment) helped you – on a project? In a consultancy situation?
Too many! Every job, every day depends on the principles of measuring, controlling and understanding of how hardware and software interact.

How long have you been associated with X-Rite?
More than 5 years

Why are you committed to using X-Rite products?
Depth of hardware and software, I use Plate readers, SpectroEye, SpectroLino, Eyeones, IO table, Profile Maker etc. As most people in the industry use these instruments it makes it easier for adoption and training.

How important are the latest color management tools in today’s industry?  Why?
As knowledge and instruments become wider spread the ability for anyone to get a reasonable colour control is there. In the professional world any photographer, designer or printer who doesn’t have some understanding of their own set up will be at a disadvantage to those more knowledgeable.

What does the (near) future hold for the photo industry, in your opinion? Do you think color management will be more or less important – why?
With the lower costs for wide colour gamut monitors Photographers are going to start seeing true colours for their Adobe1998RGB files. For many this will be a revelation especially the in the range of reds. This will also help in pre visualizing how the file will print either commercially in magazines or for fine art printing. Again this depends on good ICC profiles and how to apply them.

How is color management related to your artistic process?
Good colour management and the correct equipment means that my time is spent creating rather than being frustrated by the process. Without an understanding of the technology, too much time can be spent fighting it.

Do you see color management as an advantage for saving money?
The waste of money involved in incorrect printing and time spent trying to eyeball a monitor and printer colours is how I started down the road of studying colour management.