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Malcolm Mackenzie

Imaging & Photographic Specialist, UK

Having studied photography at Bournemouth College (1982-85) and like many people at that time worked primarily in black and white. The discipline of processing your own film and paper was the early stages of my interest in the technology of imaging which sees me now as a full time colour management consultant. After college I continued my studies and adopted the Zone system developed by Ansel Adams for Large Format landscape photography. The ability to pre visualize, apply process control, and measure (densitometry) definitely are utilized now in the digital workflow under different guises.

As the switch from analogue to digital has pushed the process control from film and chemicals to the hardware and software the ability to control the colour and image is greater but so, for many, are the problems.

The teaching and implementation of colour management is now my full time job. This ranges from helping individual photographers with their monitor and printer profiling to installing enterprise level colour server and monitor proofing technologies processing thousands of files a day.

Colour management is a very large subject but when used correctly ensures a fast and smooth workflow for creatives to be creative.

Other Industry Affiliations: Enfocus Certified Expert