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Ratko Asanović

Digital Imaging Expert and Nature, Landscape and Portrait Photographer, SRB

Ratko Asanović is multimedia designer, color management expert, teacher and passionate photographer.

I have been in love with drawing since I was a child. Although I'm not a painter I see myself as an artist. My works are in the field of print and web design, photography and color management. I am professionally occupied with graphics and everything of that kind. Also I was a silver medalist for a project on state contest in architecture and civil engineering.

Being deeply interested and truly qualified in what I do, the Techical College in Čačak, Serbia hires me so I teach students in the things I proved to be expert in.

Although I am employed and freelance artist too, I have worked with many renowned clients and companies and I have gained some great experience, especially in Italy where I have spent some time expanding my knowledge in things like digital printing on silk with printers that are using paste precoating, dye sublimation inks and accurate color reproduction on silky fabrics.

I'm passionate individual of strategic thinking, a creative mind and technical wizard. Very often I can be seen teaching at universities, seminars and workshops. And when i do not teach i'm providing consultancy services and working on personal projects.