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Jon Rune Trengereid

When did you first understand the importance of color to the photographic process?
It all started with trying to match monitor to print. I was obsessed with accuracy and keeping color true and real. Now days, using color to create/provoke a certain feeling is just as important as accuracy.
What is the most important aspect of color management that an aspiring photographer should know? How to calibrate your monitor for your SPECIFIC needs! Way to many photographers and other professionals tend to work on auto pilot when calibrating their monitors. Learn how different lighting conditions affect color, and you will start to see things really differently.
Give an example of the ways in which a solid knowledge of color management (or an accurate color environment) helped you – on a project? In a consultancy situation?
It helps me every day. Every time I do a project. Every time I make a print.
If you need a specific situation; when a brand new printers is introduced on the marked, and your about to test it with third party papers, such as Canson Infinity or Harman, and there is no paper profiles available yet. Then what? Well you make them yourself.
And in times where profiles are available, but you would like to make better ones.
How long have you been associated with X-Rite?
Maybe two years?
Why are you committed to using X-Rite products?
I only use the best. Period.
How important are the latest color management tools in today’s industry?  Why?
How important is hard for me to say, but to me their really important. Today next to accuracy speed is really important. The faster you can finish a project the more money you make pr hour, and can start a new one.
What does the (near) future hold for the photo industry, in your opinion? Do you think color management will be more or less important – why?
In a time where so many people owns a camera and call them selfs photographers, I believe that its important do stand out. Not only in creativity (which of course is really important) but also in the quality of your work. Great knowledge about color management will help you meet  your clients demands, and separate you from those who cant.
How is color management related to your artistic process?
It lets me show the world what I see...

Do you see color management as an advantage for saving money?
The less time you spend mocking about, trying to meet your own or your clients wishes, the more time you can spend on photographing and making more money. Thats a way of saving money isn’t it? Unless you spend it all afterwards of course...
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