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Jon Rune Trengereid

Commercial & Fashion Photographer, NO

As a young boy I played Squash on the Norwegian national team for several years and I’ve found that photography is just like being an professional athlete. One has to practice, over and over again to evolve into a star.

They say practice makes perfect... Well, you get better at what you practice at.

And that’s why its so important to me that my cameras, my monitors, and my printers are accurate. Accurate to my specific needs and the way I work.

I calibrate my recordings with the colorchecker passport, my monitors and printers with the i1Publish Pro 2, just be sure that if I ever make a mistake, its me, and not my equipment.

I find motivation and inspiration in all sorts of art, from music to paintings, other photographers and teaching. As a person I'm very competitive by nature, always struggling to reach higher and setting new standards. Photoshop have been a very good friend over the 10 past years and when Lightroom came it changed a lot of my workflow for the better. This have left me with more time to focus on preproduction rather than postproduction.

Next to Photography I spend time working out (I’m a nut for cycling!!), playing guitar and and being the best father I can possible be.

Im always looking forward to hear from other photographers around the world, so please feel free to say hi sometime!

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