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Guy Gowan

Digital Imaging Presenter, Educator, Innovator, IE

Guy Gowan is regarded as one of the creative industry’s leading solutions experts. Guy has been at the leading edge of the Digital revolution in Lithography, Print and Design and now in the Photography industry. His 25 year career history gives him a unique ability to see through marketing spin to evaluate the core essence of new technology and its best application to real world work environments.

Guy started his career as one of the UK’s first scanner technicians at a small lithography company. At the tender age of 18 he became the sole operator of a analogue Contact Screen Scanner and the rest as they say is history... In the 80’s Guy travelled the world setting up scanning systems for a large UK manufacturer. Guy then joined one of Europe’s main Repro and Print companies as Technical Scanning Director for their pre press systems. A stint as an Independent Consultant in Yugoslavia and the Pakistan led Guy to join The Last Word a market leader in Postscript systems for Print and Design. At this stage Guy was developing a strong reputation for the scope of his creative knowledge. His expertise in FileMaker Pro inadvertently led to a working relationship with Adobe. Guy quickly become Adobe’s go to person for Photoshop software seminars and workshops.

Since the mid 90’s Guy has developed and refined his workflow methodology for Graphic Designers and has evolved a unique Retouching Workflow for Photographers and Designers worldwide. Learning Guy’s methodology and nondestructive technique through his DVD tutorials and Seminar tours has influenced thousands in the creative community worldwide. He continues to innovate and inform and has just launched his exciting webazine at www.guygowan.com.