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Hugo Rodriguez

Digital Imaging Expert & Landscape Photographer, ES

Hugo Rodriguez studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Leon and photography at the Institute of Photography Studies of Catalonia (IEFC), including macro and fashion photography’s specialization courses. He primarily works as a teacher of photography techniques, colour management, digital capture and RAW format, having taught since 1999 at schools like IEFCEFTI or Grisart. He also act as technical consultant of color management and digital imaging to EGM Laboratoris Color, the largest professional photo lab in Spain, and offers expert advice to professionals on the most technical aspects of photography.

He has been given numerous courses, seminars and conferences for universities like the European University of Madrid,Carlos III or the Pompeu-Fabra, organizations like the Zaragoza’s Advanced Technologies Center and associations, has exhibited his landscapes’ photographs on several times and won few prizes, the most important being the national prize for photography of Caja España.

He has written dozens of articles for publications such as Casanova Professional magazine or the Newspaper of Catalonia and published photographs and text in various magazines. He has developed and is personally in charge of the production at EGM of the IT8 color chart (being one of the only three manufacturers in the world), a precision tool used to calibrate digital cameras and scanners.

Also, he collaborates with several firms, like AdobePhaseOneX-RiteHewlett-PackardBasICColorNECEIZO andColourConfidence, being beta tester for some of them. He was the first spaniard to join the X-Rite’s Coloratti international color “gurus” group. 

He has directed, written and illustrated the collection of booklets "Dominate and enjoy digital photography", published by the Planeta-Agostini publishing group.

He has written and published four books on digital photography, including "Digital Image. Basic concepts", a work used in many schools and universities, as well as "Calibrate your monitor”, probably the only existing book that exclusively exposes this topic. Last one is “Digital capture and RAW developing” (first edition sold in only 4 months) that covers in deep both subjects, with rigor and an easy language. All them are being recommended in various schools of photography and universities.

In his website, hugorodriguez.com, one of the most visited personal pages of photography in Spanish language, with about 2.000 visitors each day, he writes and publishes his own courses, practical tutorials, articles and tips and also collects lots of information related to photography. He also has a Facebook page: Hugo Rodriguez’s Lab.