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Giuseppe Andretta

Nature and Landscape Photographer and Digital Imaging Expert

I love photography since I was 12, when I was enchanted by the appearing of a photograph from the wet paper in a darkroom. Since then I became an enthusiast fan of every photo magazine and phot book, I started taking a camera with me and developing my own films in a kind of self made darkroom. My career began in the late 80's as a film printer and develop specialist but I still love just photograph all the time.

In 1996 I co-founded a digital printing service, specialized in large format inkjet prints, fine art prints and digital images edting and retouching. Since 2004 I am an independent and skilled consultant specialized in digital photography and digital color management. I am an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop CC and an Apple Distinguished Professional in Aperture 2.

In 2004 I founded Color Connection and my main business is to provide professional training courses and seminars on Adobe softwares together with digital management consultancies and services. In the last years I was engaged as trainer and/or consultant by Apple, Wacom, Nikon, Epson, X-Rite, Durst, Leica and Teacher in a Box.

At the moment I’m back on the fine art print side with a project called ‘Fineart Connection’ that will be soon an e-commerce web site for fineart printing services.