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Martyn Goddard

Award-winning photographer Martyn Goddard studied at Harrow College of Technology & Art then went on to hone his craft, assisting other photographers and picking up freelance assignments that included subjects of increasingly global interest such as rock stars Blondie and Wham.

Today, Martyn works extensively for top magazines, advertising agencies and corporate clients throughout Europe and the US. A long-standing Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, he also has mounted several successful exhibitions.

Color has always played an important role in his successes, particularly in areas such as automotive where this four-time Hyundai Automotive Photographer Of The Year (UK) acknowledges the critical importance of “ delivering a set of images to the client with confidence.  It is vital to know they represent my desired color rendering of the subject and that they will look good on any color managed monitor screen.”

For that level of confidence, Martyn adopts the latest color management tools to ensure that he is creating in a totally color managed workflow.

“The photo industry is going through rapid development and change. It’s important that each image-maker keeps up to speed with developments. Each photographer will be asked to produce print ready images of high technical quality and the color management tool is part of that process.”

Recently, he discovered X-Rite and has begun using their ColorMunki Photo as part of his commitment to finding and using products that can help him deliver the best results for his clients.

As he sees it, good color management is vital to both the artistic and practical aspects of photography.

“Color management relevance to the artistic process is important, as a photographer needs a benchmark to start his or her work. It is possible to produce the most avant-garde color images today but you need to know your starting point is accurate,” Martyn explains.

“On the print management aspect, any product that cuts out waste is a plus – to the bottom line and for the environment,” he adds.