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Martyn Goddard

Advertising, Editorial and Travel Photographer, UK

I studied photography at Harrow College of Technology & Art from 1969-73, graduating with a Diploma in Illustrative Photography and A.I.B.P.P. (Associate of Institute of British Professional Photography).

I went on to assist various leading photographers before becoming freelance, working for IPC magazines.

I found myself part of the new wave music scene of the seventies and early eighties, working with acts such as Blondie, The Jam and Wham to name a few.

My subject range extended after working for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine on portraits and features and Car magazine on automotive and travel assignments.

Since the mid eighties I have worked extensively for a wide range of magazines, advertising agencies and corporate clients in Europe and the USA. I have had several exhibitions, which have given me the opportunity to meet my clients and the public. I became a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography in 1987.

In recent years I have made a concerted effort in my business to move to a digital platform to meet my clients’ requirements. I have a very active photo-blogging website which allows me to interact with existing and potential clients or just any person interested in creative imagery. I have also introduced a comprehensive service producing travel features, images and copy to be syndicated to a group of publications around the world.

Another interesting development is the giving of master classes in automotive and advertising photography and lectures to universities and art school students on the photographic industry and how to survive in the real world.

My Interests outside my business are my family, rally driving, mountain biking and a photo journal.

Martyn Goddard F.B.I.P.P.

Hyundai Automotive photographer of the year UK (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006).