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Simon Kirwan

Commercial Photographer, UK

I have worked as a professional photographer since 1978, in various commercial and advertising studios in the north of England, until I set up Lightbox Photography in 1996. Having worked in most photographic genres over the years, since 1996 I have concentrated on location work, both in the UK and overseas, combining personal travel projects with commissioned commercial work for a diverse range of clients, covering aerial, event, editorial, publishing, corporate and lifestyle marketing. I specialise in organising logistics for overseas projects, and have worked in Spain, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Sweden and Denmark, as well as locations all over the United Kingdom. I am equipped to shoot on location anywhere in the world.  I've trekked in the Himalayas, driven across East Africa in a truck, and visited many mountain ranges in Europe with my camera.
In 2000, I was named The Observer Outdoor Photographer of the Year for the image used as my logo, taken in Nepal below Himal Chuli, and I have travelled extensively in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, photographing people, places and mountains for The Lightbox Picture Library, which now contains over 10,000 images. I am the author and photographer of a series of regional landscape and aerial photography books , and I am equally at home in corporate offices, construction site, light aircraft, mountain summit, live music concert, conference centre, trade show, exhibition venue, or sport stadium. All my photography is produced using the very latest state-of-the-art digital camera gear, and utilises a fully digital workflow from image capture to client approval and distribution via online asset management system, providing instant access to high-resolution images for clients and media partners.