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Phil Crow

Commercial and Celebrity Photographer, UK

Phil Crow has over 20 years experience in photography. For the last 12 years he has worked as an industrial and editorial photographer for clients such as ALSTOM and Siemens, shooting stills and video at manufacturing facilities as well as customer sites throughout the world. He has worked for local and national film and theatre companies and also spent three years working with the world-famous “Red Arrows” aircraft display team.

Phil has published a number of books: His first, “Portraits in Power”, was commissioned by ALSTOM (Lincoln, UK) to celebrate the millennium, while “Who’s There For Me” was produced with help from BITC and won the 2003 Sieff Award. These books were sponsored by Kodak and Hasselblad. The two publications led on to Phil’s solo exhibition, “Double Exposure”; the opening of which was launched by projecting the images onto Lincoln Cathedral.

His most recent book was for Peter Brotherhood Ltd and Phil has also been commissioned to picture-edit and design the cover for ‘Lincoln Mystery Plays 1978-200; A Personal Odyssey’ by Keith Ramsay.