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Jürgen Nobel

One of Europe’s leading fashion photographers, Juergen Nobel underscores his award-winning artistry with a common sense approach to color. 

“It is important for every ambitious photographer to deal with the color management of their system in order to show pictures in the desired form and expressiveness,” Juergen says.

It was during his first commercial job using a digital workflow that he first became aware of the importance of color to the photographic process. His most recent job, however, brought home the full benefits of shooting in a color-controlled environment.

As Juergen explains:  “My last job was for a leader in high-end career clothing. It was important for the client that the subjects of the shoot—the clothes themselves – were represented in their true colors.  But, as we were shooting at various work locations, I also needed to accommodate very different lighting conditions and still maintain the right look and feel for the overall campaign. ColorMunki Photo played a huge part of the success of this entire project – starting at the consultancy stage through to the actual shooting and the post-editing of the work.

Convinced that color management will continue to play an important role in the future of digital photography, Juergen feels that the latest color management tools such as ColorMunki Photo will continue to be critical to achieving an artistic vision – and communicating it clearly to anyone else, be it one person or an entire audience.

“If you wish to communicate an emotion, capture a moment, or elicit a response through your photography, you need to do it in a color managed environment. That’s the only way to be sure it will work. Otherwise, it’s mere coincidence if it’s a success,” he says.