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Jens Petersen

Jens Petersen’s subjects of choice involve street scenes and people, the latter being his self-described “passion.” His ability to capture the many facets of human emotion – grief, pleasure and more – are what add flavor to his photography; and his life.

The outstanding body of work of this noted fashion, editorial and lifestyle photographer contains both black and white and color shots.  For it all, Jens notes that color – or more specifically color management – is integral to realizing his artistic vision.

“Color plays a big role in defining the final rendering, certainly in the visual fine arts but also for any serious photographic endeavor. It is extremely important to me that I reproduce a customer’s product authentically in terms of colors, for example“ Jens notes.

“Each photographer should come to terms with color management from the beginning. This knowledge saves a lot of time, because nothing is more frustrating than color consistency that is not reliable. Reproducible color should be assured,” he adds.

To incorporate color consistency into his own workflow, Jens relies on ColorMunki Photo from X-Rite, an award-winning integrated, monitor-to-print match solution for wedding, social, and portrait photographers – or any passionate advocate. Jens has been in partnership with the global color technology leader since May 2009, a decision that came about due to his tendency to seek out the best tools available on the market.

“My requirements for the best results and a quick and effective workflow always direct me to manufacturers that can support my requirements through the quality of their products. From the beginning, I was convinced by the easy handling and the high quality results of ColorMunki Photo,” Jens says.

Jens feels that as everything becomes more and more digital, the significance of color, particularly in post work, will continue to grow as well.  “A good photographer can never be replaced but actually I believe a second craft will emerge to play an important role in digital photography, that of an imaging editor. It is impossible to envision life without color management in both jobs and, in fact, color management will maintain its significance for the foreseeable future,” he predicts.