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Suzette Allen

For me, accurate color is vital, yet easy to get under control with the ColorMunki. It is important that all of my monitors are calibrated and profiled so that I know the image I see on my screen is an accurate depiction of the data in my image file AND reflects what I can expect from my output, regardless of what media I choose! Knowing that what I see on my monitor is a true representation of my work allows me to make edits and adjustments without trial and error, which equals EFFICIENCY! I want my images to print correctly the first time with ease and without waste.

When I demonstrate the ColorMunki to my students, they are all impressed by its ease of use and the quality of its performance without requiring a large investment of time and money. I also use it to calibrate my projectors wherever I teach, which takes only minutes! Thanks to Xrite for making our digital lives a lot simpler! It is so much simpler to get my color under control AND completely accurate. I love it! I want to use my time being creative—not having to agonize over color! With ColorMunki, I get color accuracy--EASY and FAST—it doesn’t get much better than that!