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Suzette Allen

Family and Senior Portraits,  studio, Children, Wedding, Fine Art Phototorapher

Suzette Allen is the In-Demand Photoshop instructor in the Photographic Industry and is well-known for her down-to-earth and easy-to-understand teaching style. She has a remarkable talent for simplifying Photoshop down to understandable terms and easy techniques to follow, and consistently gets rave reviews from her students!

All of her material is relevant to Portrait-Wedding Photographers because she comes from over 25 years as a professional photographer and years of experience as a digital retoucher at a photo lab. Understanding what is truly valuable, applicable and practical for the Portrait-Wedding Photographer is what makes her classes so popular--AND useful! Suzette’s philosophy for working in Photoshop: nondestructive methods that are flexible for creativity, with a strong focus on efficiency!

Suzette is certified by the Professional Photographers of America (1997) and a Photographic Craftsman of Photography. She is an Approved Photographic Instructor and an acclaimed author of Photoshop Tutorials! She was the Commercial photographer of the year in California in 2002 as well as a Fujifilm Masterpiece Award Recipient.

Industry Affiliations
PPA Certified, Photographic Craftsman, Approved Photographic Instructor