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Andy Biggs

Adventurer, teacher, and celebrated outdoor photographer Andy Biggs has created an award-winning career out of his love for wildlife and landscapes.  During a sabbatical from a successful but unsatisfying professional tenure in Silicon Valley, Andy fell in love with the rich culture life and landscaping of Africa and decided to turn his passion into a profession. Today, his photographic safaris are not only highly sought after, but also Andy’s photographs appear in international campaigns such as Banana Republic’s 2008 Urban Safari campaign. That same year Andy won the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in the 'Wild Places' category.

While acclaimed for his artistry, Andy focuses as much on color technology tools behind the breathtaking imagery as he does the visionary process.

“If you use products like X-Rite has, you don’t have to think about it; once you have all the devices you’ll be using to capture an image calibrated, then you’re able to forget the technical details and focus on the creative,” he says.

Indeed, when Andy first became serious about pursuing photography as a profession, one of the first pieces of equipment he bought, aside from his camera gear was an X-Rite i1. His Texas-based studio houses an X-Rite i1, along with the X-Rite iO scanning table for quick and accurate profiling of the Moab paper products Andy uses to print out large format, fine-art quality prints.  He notes that creating a workflow that is totally color managed has saved him countless hours and frustration.

“I know exactly what I’m working with before it ever gets to the final outcome.  It’s complete color confidence, screen to print.”
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