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Brian Smith

“I’ll admit it. I’m cheap,” says Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Brian Smith. “Two things I hate to waste are time and money. With digital photography if you’re not color-managed, you’re wasting both.”

For the first 20 years of his career, Brian gave virtually no thought to color management because he shot film and then simply expected the magazines he shot for to match the color of the transparencies or prints that he submitted.

But that all changed once he started scanning and retouching his work. “I immediately realized that if I expected to turn all those zeros and ones into a print that matched what I saw on my monitor, I’d need a way to manage the color,” Brian says.

“I’ve been using i1Pro solutions ever since, because it gives me confidence that the final output will match what I see on my i1 calibrated display. No more surprises. No more wasting time or money.”

“I recently picked up a ColorMunki that I keep in my camera bag whenever I’m on the road. I‘m probably giving away X-Rite trade secrets, but the ColorMunki is built like you stuffed the guts of an i1 into a hockey puck. Bullet-proof dead-on color,” he adds.
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