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ColorChecker 18% Gray Balance

Ensure your digital camera’s Raw photo image or video footage accurately portrays real life. The ColorChecker® Gray Balance target will help you obtain instant gray balance, evaluate studio lighting and make quick color adjustments.
Ideal for photographers and filmmakers.

Part # 421869

Using the ColorChecker Gray Balance target for reflective spot exposure metering will give you the confidence that your images and video footage will be exposed as accurately as possible. The ColorChecker Gray Balance is a pocket size version of the 18% gray reference square found in the 24-patch ColorChecker Classic target. The gray is scientifically engineered to provide a precise uniform surface that is spectrally neutral, meaning it reflects equal amounts of red, blue and green in all types of light conditions.

The perceived color of white changes based on ambient conditions—outdoor it is perceived to be cooler, indoor, warmer, and under fluorescent light, greener. ColorChecker Gray Balance gives you the power to adjust your digital camera's color sensitivity to exactly match the ambient lighting conditions; in effect, changing what the camera “sees”. Even in a controlled studio environment, establishing an accurate custom gray balance ensures an accurate image and footage from the start of each new session.

The ColorChecker Gray Balance target can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Digital Photography: Exposure metering and gray balance. Adjusts your digital camera's color sensitivity to exactly match the ambient lighting conditions
  • Film Photography: Check films, lights, filters and paper
  • Filmmaking: Verify gray balance of camera, lens and light combination

And at only 4 x 7 inches, it’s portable enough to take wherever you go!