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i1XTreme (Discontinued)

If you’re an fine art or commercial photographer who depends on accurate color throughout your digital workflow - from monitors, scanners and cameras to RGB and CMYK printers - i1XTreme was designed for you.

Maximize the value of your i1 investment
i1XTreme is a comprehensive solution that meets all your primary color control needs to implement a complete end-to-end color managed workflow. The industry-standard i1 Pro is the only measuring device necessary for both emissive (monitors) and reflective (print) profiling, giving you complete control over each device in your digital workflow. If you require UV filtration, a UV cut version is also available.

The i1XTreme system is comprehensive enough to be the only color management solution you’ll ever need. Use it to profile your monitors, scanners, digital cameras (with the optional ColorChecker Digital SG), and RGB and CMYK printers. True colors on each of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors

  • Perfect printed colors each time, on any kind of RGB or CMYK printer
  • Easy conversion of analog photos to digital art with scanner profiling
  • High quality projector profiles to accurately project your work on the big screen
  • Flash and ambient light measurements, so you know the colors you capture are true
  • Capture spot colors off virtually any surface – ideal for corporate ID photography
  • Easily edit your printer profiles

Take control of your color
The included i1Match software helps you take full advantage of your i1 system, with its guided, step-by-step interface, so you don’t need extra manuals or days of training. i1Match makes profile creation and editing simple with automatic functions for the most popular needs. Measure, mix and share spot colors, make global color corrections, capture both flash and ambient light, and build CxF files. i1Share lets you measure spot colors and incorporate them into your work, or use them to verify the colors in your photo are exact. Plus, global color changes are a snap.