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i1Display LT (Discontinued)

Entry Level Monitor Calibration
for Photo Professionals

Seeing accurate colors on-screen before you send your images to print will save ink, paper, and valuable time, or even reprints from your lab. The i1Display LT is the perfect solution for entry-level pros and discerning digital imaging professionals who desire accurate color on their monitor.

Set the stage for true-to-life colors from the start
If you want professional reliable color from your monitor, but you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend, the X-Rite i1Display LT is for you. It’s a quick, easy and affordable solution for professional calibration and profiling of LCD, CRT and laptop monitors.

The included i1Match software has an intuitive interface that will walk you through each step to calibrate and profile your monitors. Pre-defined settings and easy mode controls provide exceptional performance, so you can attain the most accurate monitor calibration and profiling without spending hours in front of your computer. It only takes a few clicks to get professional results!

And when you're ready, you can easily upgrade to the more advanced functionality of our award-winning i1Display 2—the preferred choice of leading professional photographers and designers.