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ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software

Color Perfectionists know that creating a custom camera profile for your editing workflow delivers consistent, predictable and repeatable results from image to image and camera to camera. This saves you valuable time and money! Whether you use the stand-alone software or our convenient Adobe Lightroom® Plug-In, you’ll quickly be on your way to accurate color within minutes.

Software Downloads (6 Items)VersionPrevious VersionRelease Date
ColorChecker Camera Calibrationv2.2.0v2.1.0 9/24/2020 
ColorChecker Camera Calibrationv2.1.0v2.0.1 1/30/2020 
ColorChecker Camera Calibrationv2.0.1v2.0 6/17/2019 
ColorChecker Camera Calibrationv2.0v1.2.0 4/10/2019 
DNG ProfileManager Softwarev1.0.4 (Mac)v1.0.3 7/11/2018 
DNG ProfileManager Softwarev1.0.3v1.0 8/26/2011 
Operating System Support (1 Items)
Mac OS Big Sur 11.x and Apple M1 Processor Compatibility
Common HelpDesk Questions (1 Items)
Mac OS Big Sur 11.x and Apple M1 Processor Compatibility