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Date Created: 10/23/2015   Date Modified: 6/2/2016

+Exchanging ColorChecker reference data for Scanner Profiling with i1Profiler

The Scanner Profiling module in i1Profiler V 1.6.3 or higher contains by default the new reference data for ColorChecker SG and Classic chart editions since November 2014. If you are using ColorChecker editions prior to November 2014, please use the former Reference Files, which can be downloaded from the link below.

To replace reference data for the ColorChecker Charts, follow these steps:

  • Mac: Navigate to MacHD/Library/Application Support/X-Rite/i1Profiler /ScannerReferenceFiles
  • Windows: Navigate to C:\ProgramData*\X-Rite\i1Profiler\ScannerReferenceFiles
  • Go further to ‘ColorChecker 24’ or ‘ColorChecker SG’
  • Rename the included reference file, e.g. add an ‘_Nov2014’ to the file name
  • Now copy your downloaded file to the folder, take care that the file is named exactly as ‘ColorCheckerSG.txt’ respectively ‘ColorChecker24.txt’ to ensure i1Profiler is recognizing and applying the file accordingly for profile creation

*Note: the folder might be hidden, to get it visible, go to system’s control panel Folder Options and enable the option ‘Show hidden files and folders’

New color specifications for ColorChecker SG and Classic Charts