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Date Created: 7/23/2009   Date Modified: 4/11/2019

+About the ColorChecker Classic

ColorChecker Passport includes the legendary 24-patch X-Rite ColorChecker Classic. This target has been used by photographers, videographers and for scientific evaluation of color rendition since 1976. In fact, it has become an industry standard. Each of the 24 color patches represents the colors of natural objects, such as sky blue, flesh tones and leaf green; and each patch reflects light just like its real world counterpart. Each square is individually colored using a solid tone to produce pure, flat, rich color without dots or mixed tints.

The colors are produced by the Munsell Color Services lab, which has over 75 years of experience in the creation of physical color targets and standards. They have produced color standards for use in a range of industries, from sciences to commercial quality control tools. Each color is very closely monitored and controlled during the manufacturing process, so you can be confident your color references are exact.