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Date Created: 7/23/2009   Date Modified: 4/20/2012

-Creating Dual-Illuminant Profiles in Photoshop Camera Raw

Follow the instrufctions below to create a dual-illuminant profile using the ColorChecker Passport Desktop Application and Photoshop Camera Raw

  • Shoot the ColorChecker Classic under the first light source.
  • Shoot the ColorChecker Classic under the second light source.
  • Open each of the images in Photoshop Camera Raw.
  • Save each image as a DNG file.
  • In the ColorChecker Passport Desktop Application, select the ‘DNG Dual-Illuminant’ tab. Drag and drop the DNG files into the window.
  • Click the ‘Create Profile’ button. The profile will automatically be created with both light source tables and saved.

You will need to restart your Adobe applications to use this new profile. When you select this profile, your Adobe Raw software will use both light source tables to adapt the profile to match the image’s illuminant.