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Powerful Adobe® Raw Workflow Color Tool
from Capture to Edit

Come along on a portrait session and see how the ColorChecker Passport helps ensure that the color is captured quickly and correctly every time and gives you a great basis for easy color editing. Watch the live shoot unfold both indoors and on the rooftop as our photographer creates many beautiful images using the Passport. He’ll show you how to overcome the challenges of changing light sources and matching color to different camera models or brands.

Watch and learn how the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport helps you ensure accurate color from capture to edit. With one exposure during the shoot, and a few seconds after the session – you can create custom corrections for any camera and any light source – making consistency simple.

There are two videos available, Lightroom and Photoshop workflows. This video demonstrates the process in Adobe Lightroom. If you use Photoshop, click here to watch this video .

Download sample images as demonstrated in video to use in Lightroom.

Download Free ColorChecker Passport Software (requires above sample images or ColorChecker Classic card)

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This presentation is for Adobe Lightroom users.

Click here to watch the Passport in action with Photoshop.

Sample Photo

ColorChecker Passport

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