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Date Created: 3/28/2014   Date Modified: 6/2/2016

+ColorMunki Photo support with ColorTRUE

The initial release of ColorTRUE mobile profiling app does not support the ColorMunki Photo hardware (as well as some other hardware). We are currently investigating the feasibility of doing so, and may release an update for the iOS version at some point in the future but at this time cannot yet state any time frame for doing so.

NOTE: It is not likely that we will be able to support the ColorMunki Photo on the Android platform at any time in the foreseeable future. The reason that we are limited in our ability to support hardware on the Android platform is two fold:

  1. The Android version of the app relies on the phone or tablet for power. As a result only very low power consumption devices may be used,

  2. The only devices that can connect to Android hardware are devices that are known as Human Interface Devices, or HID for short, HID devices do not require a driver to connect to or interact with a computer or mobile device. Things like mice, keyboards, the ColorMunki Display, and the i1Display Pro meet this criteria. Hardware which has the ability to perform advanced functions need a driver to work correctly. The Android platform does not support the ability to use drivers.