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Ethan Lim

As a nature, wildlife and conservation photographer documenting nature and wildlife on photos and videos, it is of upmost importance to capture, review and showcase images with the highest level of color fidelity, allowing the same scene that I’ve seen to unfold before my viewers and myself, time and again.

I am able to achieve this by using the X-rite i1display pro to very quickly calibrate and negate color variation across different displays and projectors, for ease of image processing workflow and presentation, respectively. In addition, regular calibration, ambient light measurement and ambient light smart control with my X-rite i1display pro have proved to provide me with accurate color rendition on my display(s) anytime, anywhere.

As a photography instructor, it is paramount to impart knowledge to my workshop participants on color management. More often than not, I have noticed and highlighted issues with my participants’ laptop displays during first day of workshop reviews. This always leads to detailed discussion on the specific issues with their respective display and the importance of having a display calibration tool, especially for aging display.

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