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Gabor Bakos

Most of my knowledge about color and color management comes from my career at a computer graphics school. Through the wide range of our courses I learned a lot about the importance of colors, adjustments and calibration. I was a hobby photographer for a long time, i was shooting pictures without purpose while traveling and exploring nice landscape sceneries.

About six years ago a sudden change in my life attracted me to get more involved with nature and wildlife photography. Taking pictures upon a concept i realized that I am not getting the planned result. Thats when I started to learn more about the digital equipment and got finally back to my knowledge about colors.

People get amazed by the variety of colors, shades and details on my pictures. I am not a magician though. Color management is essential part of my work. I am strictly applying all steps, taking time and effort to calibrate all equipment involved in the photography workflow - cameras, monitors, printers and  projector - in order to get final output as perfect match of reality as possible.

Implementing color management seems to take a lot of time, indeed, it saves a lot of time and money, test prints are no more needed, and the digital post-production of pictures is incredibly decreased. For me, quality is the most important aspect  that’s why i am working with X-rite products. It feels like being part of a family, once you start using X-rite products, you find its easier to discuss color issues with fellow photographers.