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i1Profiler is the next generation color profiling solution that delivers an entirely new, flexible user defined experience to generate unrivaled color quality. Accommodating a broad range of proficiencies and expertise, i1Profiler will provide photographers and other creative professionals complete power and control to create the highest quality profiles in one, convenient software tool. You can create custom profiles for your monitors, RGB and CMYK printers, digital projectors and digital cameras to achieve an all-new level of color quality.

Unrivaled Color Quality
Designed to deliver the highest color quality, i1Profiler incorporates X-Rite’s i1Prism engine’s unique iterative profiling technology. This lets you build highly accurate printer profiles for up to 8-color workflows (RGB, CMYK and CMYK plus any 4). You’ll have the flexibility to further optimize profiles based on any combination of images, PANTONE® colors, spot colors or other captured colors.

i1Profiler includes advanced but easy to use controls for black generation and separation settings, providing the ultimate in control and flexibility for the highest color quality available for custom CMYK (or CMYK+4) profiles.

New User Interface with built in flexibility at all levels
With an all-new user interface, i1Profiler offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to address the needs of your photographic workflow. i1Profiler seamlessly combines the ease of use of the wizard driven interface found in i1Match and MonacoPROFILER, and the flexibility of the menu driven user interface found in ProfileMaker. Whether a novice, expert or somewhere in between, i1Profiler easily adapts to your skill level, while maintaining the ability to produce outstanding profile quality results.

New Workflow Exchange
i1Profiler provides you with the ability to save and reuse assets or preferred settings with drag and drop functionality - meaning you can create future profiles or share those profile creation workflows with others quickly, easily, and efficiently. This exchange functionality also allows you to share palette information and other color data using X-Rite’s Color Exchange Format (CxF) for the most comprehensive data exchange.

A New Level of Quality Assurance
i1Profiler is designed to give you high confidence in your results thanks to the visual and measurement-based quality assurance validation and verification functions that include QA tools for softproofing, as well as reference data of ColorChecker charts to check quality against ColorChecker patches for consistency from capture to print.

With i1Profiler, you’ll also be able to simulate prints to check the quality of the representation of PANTONE colors in a print production process according to ISO (G7, SWOP, PSO, Japan Color) on a display or printer. The high flexibility of the QA process allows individual definition of patches, QA criteria, in addition to ISO 12647-7 media wedges from Fogra or IDEAlliance.

NEW PANTONE® Color Manager
To help you complete a visual color evaluation of your results using physical standards, i1Profiler includes new PANTONE Color Manager color palette creation and swatch bridging software. Commercial photographers will appreciate this functionality when shooting corporate brand identities that demand a specified color match.

PANTONE Color Manager also includes a style guide wizard that assists designers and corporate marketing professionals to create color definitions for brand style guides including color data, and output profile data to ensure that brand colors are reproduced faithfully across all media.

You don’t need to wait to buy your i1XTreme, ProfileMaker or MonacoPROFILER solution. Whether you purchase a software only solution or one of our software/hardware bundles, any qualifying purchase made from April 1, 2010 until the release of i1Profiler qualifies for a free software upgrade!

Product must be registered in order to receive notification and proof of purchase date will be required when i1Profiler is available.

Qualifying products for software upgrade include: i1XTreme, i1XTreme UVcut, ProfileMaker 5 Platinum, ProfileMaker 5 Platinum with i1Pro, ProfileMaker Platinum with i1Pro UVcut, ProfileMaker Platinum i1iSis with OBC, ProfileMaker Platinum i1iSis XL with OBC, MonacoPROFILER Platinum, MonacoPROFILER Platinum i1iSis with OBC, and MonacoPROFILER Platinum i1iSis XL with OBC

i1Profiler, including PANTONE Color Manager, will soon be entering beta test phase and is currently scheduled for release in Q4 2010.  If you would like to be notified when final product is available, please complete the contact information below:

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